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I use complex tools to create the uncomplicated.
Just beautiful, simple user experiences supported by state of the art technology.


My name is Brian Wald. I’m passionate about creating brilliant user experiences, intuitive information architecture, attractive identities and winning strategies. And I live to make them work beautifully on mobile, PC, tablet or beyond.

A natural collaborator - I value a great product above all and can focus on making the Front-end sing as easily as managing the entire web dev process including Product Development, Post Marketing and Project management.

In seven years of Front-end development for a huge range of brands, I’ve learned that winning designs come from mix of experience, collaboration and agile pragmatism.

You can read more about my work, see it for yourself or get in touch.

  • August 1, 2014 - 1:40pm

    Drupal 8 is almost here, and it’s bringing big front-end improvements, including new methods to display data on mobile devices using breakpoints, build flexible templates in Twig and better management for tools and libraries.

    Most importantly, changes to the display layer mean that Drupal has become much more agile and extendable for Front-end Developers.

    The journey so far

    Up till now, Front-end Developers have been working with a display layer that was originally introduced in Drupal 4.5, here’s how it worked...

Recent Work

Here are some examples of my recent projects.