About Brian Wald

Passionate about transcending the barriers between people and technology with unique and powerful user experiences. 

I’m an Interactive Technology Manager and User Experience Engineer based in Ann Arbor. I love developing websites and other technologies that connect and excite. Well rounded, with seven years working as a Front-end developer for big clients and leading agencies, I’m always looking for new ways to make things better. 

Fantastic User Experiences - Intuitive Information Architecture

“My idea of a great user experience is connecting people with technology in ways that are both intuitive and novel.”

Sometimes the best journeys are so simple we hardly notice them - other times they excite the senses in ways that change the way we think. The best do both. So my idea of a great user experience is connecting people with technology in ways that are both intuitive and novel. Like this Web-based, CMS driven iPad experience for Canadian Mountain Holidays.

The map for any intuitive journey is drawn from understanding how users like to move from place to place. Being able to draw Insights from complex user data and analytics is key to this process. So, when Intel’s Reseller Center needed to untangle workflow and reduce the number of user’s getting lost on it’s website, I was able to use Omniture analytics to untangle workflow and help guide users to where they wanted to go.

I love mobile

Great design is a movable feast. Great User Experiences should meet the user on any device they’re using - that means mobile and PC platforms. Seven years of web development experience on more than a hundred projects mean I don’t just know everything we can do, but everything we should do to focus those tools on cutting out the clutter to deliver exactly what the user needs. 

Check out my site on your PC, then pop it open on your mobile and see how easy it can be to back here. Want to see more? Here are a bunch more ways that I work with mobile. 

A salty Front-end Developer and Front-end Interface Planner

Looking for an experienced and a savvy developer? I’ve got seven years of Front-end development work under my belt for agencies like OakTree Digital and Pryor Design Co. and independent collaboration with designers and developers on hundreds of different projects from A2Energy, to VaporPuse and University of Michigan Alumni Association.

Along the way I’ve honed my skills across range of languages and tools. I thrive in open source environments, dream in Drupal and live responsive development because I want the right look, feel and functionality for every device. Languages? I’m talking CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript (including jQuery, Prototype and YUI). PHP and MySQL.

Building on purpose

“Building in scalability builds out the drama down the road.”

Building sites from the ground up is what I do. Bang on brief so every pixel and every line of code is doing exactly what it’s supposed to. I also build in scalability to make sure existing functions can grow and new ones can be added without compromising speed. 

I know the right content delivery networks, proper caching techniques and the latest best practice for coding to make sure you get all the benefits that come from growing your website with none of the drama. 

Strategic Technology Planning and Brand Management

When you get down to it, your brand is the conversation you’re having with the world. But that conversation can break down on social media platforms that strip identities and muddy brand values. Making sure your message comes shining through means using the best, most forward thinking platforms. 

When customer experience experts Second to None needed a better back-end customer portal, I helped them build a scalable, robust HTML5 platform by building frameworks designed to grow with the business while improving customers experience and ease of access. 

Delivering on Social Media 

Great social media integration means more than adding a ‘like’ button. It’s about making your brand part of a user’s information ecosystem in ways that genuinely improve brand experience by being clear and easy - not noisy and slow. 

Seamlessly embedding features, increases engagement, builds loyalty and inspires action. 

I also deliver with Google AdWord campaigns, facebook ad unit placement and targeting, as well as Twitter hashtag aggregation to build audiences and drive conversions. I can also help optimize it all with the latest A-B testing methods.