Front-End Development



VaporPulse, a newly formed company based on the technology developed at the College of Engineering at NC State University. As the company has funding to back the research, they needed a website that would properly convey the state of the company, as well as built for future scalability. For this project, I developed and implemented a Drupal 7 CMS.

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As the front-end developer and User Experience engineer on the redesign project for Amerinet, I was challanged with developing workflows and call-to-action for their potential clients to set up a custom solution. Futhermore, this project needed a customized back-end interface for a number of admins to manage different areas of the site to keep it up to date. For this project I developed a Drupal CMS site with an intutive layout and customizable features. 

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Corinthian Marine Carpet

Corinthian Marine was looking for a site redesign that incorporated a CMS with an integrated shopping cart system to sell their products online. Unlike many online products, this was unique because they needed a solution that would allow for customized cut lengths of material, rather than a static product. As the developer and user experience engineer on the project, I am came up with solutions that was both intuitive for the user as well as integrating with existing Drupal shopping cart solution, allowing for simple client managemet.

Key features of this project:

  • Website redesign and front-end development
  • CMS integrated shopping cart system
  • Customized workflow for retail and wholesale providers

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Spirituality & Health Magazine

Working with Spirituality & Health as the technical lead during a time of reinventing itself allowed for a full redevelopment and branding of the companies online presence. This project was built on Drupal CMS and made to handle thousands of pages and users. Advanced caching and CDN were set up to allow for hundreds of concurrent connects and 300k pages views a month.

Key features of this project:

  • Built magazine oriented editing workflow of all the users group on the front end (anonymous and authenticated), as well as Content editors and admins on the backend. 
  • Built a cohesive and integrated brand across all social media platforms
  • Automated populating and categorizing of content with multiple publishers
  • Responsive theme development for accessibility and readability
  • Integrated Newsletter and Social Media Platforms.
  • Built in shopping cart and subscription services

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Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH)

Canadian Mountain Holidays is the first, and leaders in Heli-Sking and Heli-Hiking operation. Nestled in the Canadian Rookies near Banff, Alberta, CMH needed to show off its beauty and professionalism to the rest of the world. My involvement was primarly front-end development and user experience. I implimented the design on their Ruby-on-Rails CMS (utializing HTML5/CSS3/JS), developing workflows and ensuring proper searchablity and SEO. This project utalized AWS Content Deliver Network for all the images and scripts.

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Second To None

Second-To-None, a world leading secret shopping company, needed a redevelopment of their online customer analytics portal. The project stretched across my full skill-set, consisting of a ground up rework of the Information Archecture, User experience, User Interface design and front-end development. As the project lead, I analzied the existing software and built a design that was intutive, fast, and organized. 

Some of the key features of this project:

  • Developed intutive user roles, displaying only important content based on login.
  • Customizable dashboard for quick access to reports and content.
  • Utalizing the full HTML5, jQuery (UI) and CSS grid framework for clean, manageable pages.
  • Developed workflows for various user profiles
  • Mobile friendly and otpimized for viewing with the growing tablet population.
  • Built a JS tour for training during the platform switch.