User Experience



Part of the Clean Energy Coalition of Michigan, A2enegy is a city run website that is dedicated to providing information to the general populous regarding legal rights, tips for saving, information on quality builder, etc. The site needed to cater to three major audiences:residential, commercial,  and landlords. My role in this program was to develop an wireframe and architecture that makes it easy for anyone to access the correct information they need quickly. In addition, they need a layout that would provide information on saving tips based on budget, time and payoff. 

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Corinthian Marine Carpet

Corinthian Marine was looking for a site redesign that incorporated a CMS with an integrated shopping cart system to sell their products online. Unlike many online products, this was unique because they needed a solution that would allow for customized cut lengths of material, rather than a static product. As the developer and user experience engineer on the project, I am came up with solutions that was both intuitive for the user as well as integrating with existing Drupal shopping cart solution, allowing for simple client managemet.

Key features of this project:

  • Website redesign and front-end development
  • CMS integrated shopping cart system
  • Customized workflow for retail and wholesale providers

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CMH Journal

CMH Journal is a yearly publication developed by Canadian Mountain Holidays to highlights the trips available for hel-skiiers, articles, and photo highlights. After the print publication was created, I took the lead of turning this into a fully manageable CMS platform built directly for iPad users. This site was developed to maintain the brand of the print publications, but allow user to browse articles and images with (javascript) touch functionality. This site was built fully in Drupal 7 with author publishing set up for ease of updating and creating new articles. 

Some of the features of this project:

  • Optimized to be used with the iPad and touch screen devices.
  • built completely on Drupal backbone utilizing the latest HTML5/CSS3 functionality.
  • Built to be experienced the same way as the print magazine.


Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH)

Canadian Mountain Holidays is the first, and leaders in Heli-Sking and Heli-Hiking operation. Nestled in the Canadian Rookies near Banff, Alberta, CMH needed to show off its beauty and professionalism to the rest of the world. My involvement was primarly front-end development and user experience. I implimented the design on their Ruby-on-Rails CMS (utializing HTML5/CSS3/JS), developing workflows and ensuring proper searchablity and SEO. This project utalized AWS Content Deliver Network for all the images and scripts.

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